vendredi 12 février 2016

Happy 8 years Anniversary to Piggledy pop !

Today is a special day for Piggledy Pop. I began to write reviews eight years ago so i would like to thank you dear readers and celebrate this birthday with you .
Usually i write the chronicles in french but i must confess that through these last 8 years, the statistics said that visitors were mostly abroad. 80% of you are from USA, Germany, Scotland, England, Sweden, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Brazil, Greece, Israel and Russia. I want to warmly thank you today, in english, because you do read my reviews in french, translate them, while french readers are not omnipresent.
We all react differently when we listen to music, thanks to our imagination, sensibility, our history and i am glad to see each day how generous pop'addict you are and how you receive my reviews with an incredible curiosity.

Funny to realize that in France, we call the birthday for 8 years of marriage 'Noces de coquelicot'. 'coquelicot' means 'poppy', so perfect for a 'pop' music blog !
Sincerest Thanks, Herzlichest Dank, искренняя благодарность, diffuant diolch, stort tack, תודה כנה, oppriktig takk, sinceros agradecimentos, ειλικρινείς ευχαριστίες, go raibh maith agat ó chroí a ghabháil ...

What you are doing the next eight years? I hope you will be around to go on Piggledy Pop together, artists, musicians and labels, you & me.

Here is my "Birthday Compilation" for you :